Fashion Major….

Currently I am a Fashion Merchandising major. I want to take this blog in a direction of being an open forum to express not only my life journey but even express the fashion aspect that for the next four years will be a big part of my life. I want to begin investing in my future and I already have created this platform so over the next couple of months I plan to reinvent this blog and begin to create content that I am proud of and also content that can influence the future.

Here we go


To All the Curvy Girls

To every curvy girl who don’t love themselves, I was you.

To every curvy girl who can’t look in the mirror without disgust, I was you.

To every curvy girl who is trying to lose weight doing crazy things, I was you.

To  every girl curvy girl who wants to be the skinny friend, I was you.

Sometimes, I still am.

All my life I haven’t been the prettiest, smartest, most outgoing or skinny. I was just me and at some point I stopped believing that being myself was good enough. It took me writing a college essay about everything I experienced to see how much I was so lost in my own confusion and pain that I didn’t love myself. I can’t say that I’m fully there but I can say that I making progress and some days are harder than other. If there is anything I learned, it’s that when you make peace with yourself everything becomes easier.

If I should publish my college essay (if you wanna read my struggles) let me know



Lately I have been thinking about faith. I pray every night, I like to think I’m grateful and nostalgically thinking about my past. I think that why I was put on this earth was to be passionate about something. My faith has had me thinking about what that might be and how to fulfill it. I want to become a positive influence and i’ve started with me. For the first time in my life, I’m consistently working out, having fun and gearing up for college. And my faith has kept me going to this better version of myself.

Next post I want to post my story and see what happens. Now that I’m leaving for college I want my blog to take off

Love xoxo

It’s Been a While

Honestly I haven’t been on here because I don’t know what to say.

But an update: my positive things everyday is helping my mindset which is really allowing for growth in all aspects in my life. I am so grateful for my wonderful friends who have stayed with me this past year. I think I want this to be my journal. There will be writings, feels, and random things because I just want to be authentically me.


My Directions

Positivity. I feel as though not just the world but I have lost my sense of positivity. So I want to get it back and detox from the negativity.

3 postive thing that happened today:

  1. I think I did decent on my psychology test
  2. I laughed harder today than in a long time
  3. I woke up and made it to school on time

Really hard to focus on the positivity when there is negative people surrounding me. Next year when I go to college I want to surround myself with positive energy. Lately I just have lost sight of who I am by only looking at the negative side. I really want to make myself a better person and really change the world. Well blah blah this is super long but I just wanted to be open about restoring positive energy in the world

Opening to Me

As I sit in my room on this bleak Thursday, I can’t wonder what to think about how I got here writing a blog about me. Honestly I know how I got here, I just don’t want to admit it. It’s a constant battle always trying to grow and understand who I am but sometimes I get lost in the haze. I would like to start by saying, I have no clue where this blog will take me. I have no clue how many times I’ll post or what will be the theme. I just know that when I post it will be honest and open because this will be my open letter for the rest of time.